Marko The Heartbreak Kid


Marko MVP 9.5

Marko lacked service from his team which limited his scoring but created his own opportunities. Marko has stepped up his game and has added more defensive qualities he has shown more determination and a willingness to take charge of his role. This was evident, his willingness to attack the game which lead to us going into OT his follow up shot at the end of the game helped us to win the contest Marko was very affective on defence causing turnovers with high intensity basketball.

Ewan Platford – 8

Ewan was asked to do a job and boy did he do it well. Ewan like Marko forced turnovers on the 99’ers which helped his team tremendously. Ewan now understands that the fame is not about how many points you score but taking on instructions from his coach and implementing the tactics helps you gain more court time and his efforts have not gone unnoticed well done.

Ollie Richards – 9

Ollie was noticed by the opposing Greek coach who stated that Ollie was a very promising player. Ollie’s scoring and defensive play was massive this has been consistent throughout the season. Ollie continued his scoring threat and calved his way through the 99’ers defence and got buckets.

T’jarn Forbes – 9

Another solid game from T’jarn who ran the floor and played both offence and defence well allowing his team mates to express them self in the game. T’jarn racked up his stats grabbing himself a number of points, blocks and steals not to mention assists. T’jarn is able to find his teammates and pass the ahead with devastating affect.

Toby Randles – 7

Toby was raring to go and waited on the bench for his opportunity when he went out onto the floor Toby managed his minutes and caused problems. Toby moved with the ball with confidence and created scoring opportunities for himself and also bought others into the game too.

Dan Bell – 7.5

Dan loved the game and embraced his role for the evening Dan appears to be enjoying the zone defence and appears to fill the floor with his presence. Dan’s timing is improving and if fulfilling his role well

Sam Evans – 8

This guy had a great game full of determination and grit and used his rugby aggression to his basketball game Sam fought for everything and found himself the winner of all duels he was in. There was a moment where he fell and bought his opponent down with him Sam has just come back from injury so it was a momentary pause but Sam sprung up to his feet and continued the game. Sam earned his minutes on the floor and he chipped in with some good numbers Sam really goes for rebounds and rips them down with authority.

Isaac Amoah – 7.5

Isaac is a rebound machine and will grab offensive and defensive with a combination of good timing and a massive arm span Isaac. This game was a good test for him and he rose to the occasion helping himself to rebounds. Isaac is an affective defender and did his jobs well continue with this.

Harvey DeVere – 7

Harvey’s defensive work is good and attacks his opponents well Harvey is a nuisance when playing Harvey worked tirelessly and bought to the game elements of defending that are not as glamorous

Charlie Nicol – 7.5

Good game for Charlie who found himself on the scoresheet wading in with blocks too. Charlie is still finding his place in the team but when Charlie drives he drives with authority his peers see this and admire Charlie’s hops (jump) with a little more composure Charlie’s game and points scored will soon rise along with his hops.

Team Play 6.5

As individuals they played well as a team we lacked the edge that we play the first two quarters we played very slow which allowed the 99’ers to be in the game. The way the 99’ers played saw them blaze past so we resorted into playing the new defence which really caused problems for the 99’ers. The scoring rate had dried up and anything that went near our basket was dealt with boxing out was good but still needs improving. The guys forced so many errors from our opponents which enabled us to go on to win the game various Warriors grabbed rebounds and blocked shots most of which turned into fastbreaks.

It was disappointing to see that the 99’ers number 16 began to heat up from the three point line and splashed a couple big shots and extended the lead that they had. Another negative was in the heat of the moment players lost their head and struggled to keep their composure. Games like this happen and we must remember if we win together we also should lose together.

Coach Everton Forbes – 9

Coach had a number of things to deal with he had to be the motivator the tactician and had to compose the team normally the team manage themselves well. This game was different as the tempo was not like games prior which helped the 99’ers stay in the game clever use of time outs and the advancement of the ball helped. A timeout was used to set a play for Ollie to take the last shot with only 4.2 secs left on the clock this worked but unfortunately the shot was missed. During the two refs discussion and the start off overtime coach Forbes setup how the guys were going to play for the remainder to the game. The full court press was implemented and the this showed the 99’ers up as they couldn’t manage the press and with three players that had fouled out of the game saw the Warriors slay the 99’ers.

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