What A Game For The Neutrals


Our young Warriors win their final game of the season on the road to Walsall 99’ers who ended up giving our guys a challenge. If we are honest this game should have been won in regulation time but with the heroics Marko who’s timely run after the buzzer time miss from Ollie got the stick back to put the game in overtime. This is territory our boys have been to before and dealt with the pressure of this well.

The Warriors were extremely slow out of the blocks and needed a sharpe injection of something in their game. The boys came alive in the second half of the game and took the game to the 99’ers the score line fluctuated during the game and the Warriors at certain times of the game looked like they would be unable to get back into it.

Some tactical tactics and a lack of knowledge of the rules from the referees helped to dictate game the introduction of the 3-2 zone defence was too strong for the home side who attempted to score to no avail. The better players in the home side we’d unable to make an impact and found themselves getting frustrated by the likes of Ollie and T’jarn who both had there own ‘block party’ going on! It has to be said that two guys who stepped up and took the game to the 99’ers who caught the eye of coach Forbes was Ewan and Sam who earned their minutes on the floor. Ewan’s tough defence made the guards panic and make big mistakes allowing us to control the ball and get some vital breakaway points. Sam and his rugby mentality earned him court time and some points along with rebounds helped the traveling Warriors. Marko’s vital buzzer beater silenced the whole gym after her cleared up Ollie’s unfortunate miss. Ollie missed his buzzer beater shot but continued to play in the overtime quarter without looking back at the miss displaying some maturity in his game.

Marko’s last shit of regular time seems like an eternity when the ball was released from his hand and the sound of the final buzzer. Both Brett and Forbes had no doubt that the game was tied while the two refs discussed the the fate of the game. The 99’ers arena was in hysteria and celebrated the win as if they had just won the nba finals. This was a heartbreaking moment for the 99’ers when the decision was made. The 99’ers were dejected and started overtime thinking that they were robbed.

The defence was again changed to the Warriors most potent weapon… the full court press. Within 12 seconds of the press rattled the opposing coach who called his one and only OT timeout. From that moment on the press was left on and the game was won comfortably.

It has to be said that the game should have been won in regulation time a bad day at the line saw us miss at least 12pts we did not capitalise on the poor defending of the 99’ers.

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