Spartans V Warriors


Josh Impong – 7
Josh is a competitor and really goes at the game 100% today’s game was no different. Josh fowled out of the game but beforehand played his game wholeheartedly Josh was in foul trouble which took away the potential for Josh to get into the game. With this said Josh played some good defence and assisted the team on offence too.

Ollie Richards – 8.5
This was a game of two halves for Ollie who was very dormant for him but definitely caught alight in the second half. When Ollie switched it on he began to score at will and bought others into the game too. It felt as if Ollie needed to carry the team in the 2nd half and lead his team to victory

Ewan Platford – 9
This young man had a phenomenal game and the best that his coaches have seen too. Ewan scored 14pts and missed only one shot!!! Ewan played with confidence and maturity his first 2 shots were impressive floaters that touched nothing but net. This guy attacked the game offensively taking on his opponent moving the ball around effectively and turning down shots to bring others in the game too Ewan didn’t put a foot wrong well done to this guy.

Dan Bell – 7
Another solid game for Dan always defensively strong and always eager to block his opponent. Dan is becoming a devastating player that is reading the game well and chips in with points

Isacc – 7
Isacc caused his usual havoc and dominated the boards and grabbed some big rebounds and got vital stickbacks. Isaacc was a well used sub as he went about his work with confidence and precision.

Sam Evans – 4
Sam had the task of marking a player that was in his first competitive game of basketball and was riled by Sam who has taken to the game well. Sam is a physical player and apparently the Spartan could not manage this and lashed out at Sam. From reports that I received Sam defended himself and retaliated to the attack he endured however as a result of this he was ejected along with the Spartan.

Tjarn Forbes – 8
T’jarn plays the game with confidence and at times arrogance this is all part of his game as he is aware that this winds up his opponents. T’jarn had the task of marking the Spartans best threat and the unfortunate Spartan felt the effects of T’jarn’s mental game and physical game too. The Spartan player was unable to manage T’jarns quickness and strength and found himself second best in the contest. T’jarn frustrated the young Spartan with his quick hands and picked his pocket on numerous occasions and was out jumped by T’jarn too and could not budge T’jarn when being boxed out on the boards. T’jarn left the Spartan and his backside and feeling dejected and resulted in him lashing out at T’jarn who laughed off the Spartans attempts to trip him up.

Manjot Mohan – 7.5
Manny stuck to the job he has been given to do and continued to penertrate the key at ease which gave him the option to dish the ball or to take shots under the basket.

Tom Heap – 7
Another solid performance from Tom he read the game and aided his team to get back on defence and moved the ball on offence well too

Team Performance
The whole team were happy to block their opponents at times for long periods the team didn’t score and also failed to stop the opposition from scoring. This was not a game where we stuck to the plan but still fortunately held the lead from start to finish. Offensively when the offence was played properly the Spartans could not cope and were chasing shadows. This frustrated the Spartans which forced them to respond aggressively. One player was ejected and their best player lashed out multiple times avoiding being ejected himself. When the bench was shuffled this allowed the Spartans to trade points with the mighty Warriors. Defensively as a team we were not at our best and the Spartans final score was flattering as a result of our poor defending. We should be thinking about not letting our opposition score, this is the mentality of champions and we need to start thinking this way.
Team Rating: 7


LQ Arena

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