Player Ratings against WBA Victory 100-120 Warriors


Player Ratings:

Manjot Mohan

Manny has developed his game to what his coaches require from him and stuck to task. Manny drove into the key and dished the ball to his open team mates over and over. Manny also chipped in with his fair amount of points, steals and rebounds Manny’s all round play is to valuable to this team keep it up.


Charlie Nichol

Charlie is slowly getting his confidence back and at times was unstoppable when he drove to the basket he did this with authority and the Warrior heart that his coaches want from him. Charlie made good decisions and is again playing with a smile on his face again.


Ollie Richards

Ollie was selected as the team captain and stepped up to the mark Ollie steps on court and will always go to work for his team. Ollie went out and grabbed rebounds, moved the ball well and took the correct shots and played defence well to. Ollie was none selfish in his play and distributed the ball around his team mates very good leading by example display from the captain.


Isaac Amoah

This was Isaac 2nd competitive game he went out and stuck to the game plan well. Isaac has a good understanding of the offence and what is required of him. As a result of this his team mates are now trusting him and the buckets are beginning to flow. Isaac is gifted with long arms and a knack of being able to grab rebounds with ease.


T’jarn Forbes

T’Jarn executed a brilliant press defence and ran the offence well he drove to the basket when the defence gave him a lane. T’jarn used the rest of the team well when the defence collapsed and owed the paint both ends of the court.

Match MVP


Sam Evans

Sam like Isaac is in his debut season and is progressing well the West Brom game did not phase Sam and he played the game with confidence. Sam did not turn the ball over and chased back on defence. Sam grabbed rebounds and stood up to us opponent and enjoyed his time on court and completed tasks set to him.


Toby Jones

Welcomed return of both Toby and Theo for today’s game both add different things to the game. Toby adds lots of pace and has great anticipation and decision making skills which helped in the win. Toby is able to lead from his actions and assisted the team with his distribution.


Theo Le Toquin

Theo brings a lot of height and is an experienced player Theo started the game badly picking up 2 quick fouls but soon settled after a substitution and pep talk from his coaches. When Theo got back into the game he became a menace grabbing rebounds and scoring over his opponents. This was a huge test for Theo as he has not played in this current Warriors team for some time but settled in well with them and his attributes were used well.


Tom Heap

Tom is a team player and today there was no change in his game Tom played with patience and intelligence. Tom helped his team with his play Tom managed to get his stats up and managed to get a few blocks. This was done with the hindrance of his coaches who for some reason overlooked him during the game. Thankfully Tom showed a maturity and accepted this and was happy that the team won. (Maybe should have mentioned he has had limited time on the floor)


Josh Impong

This guy is one of our fearless Warriors who loves to leave it all on court Josh did this during the game and is not afraid to mix it up with any player. His wok rate during the game Josh played tough throughout the game and leading the way with fast breaks and chase downs Josh played intelligently and did not fall for any of the oppositions fake moves. Josh drove to the basket confidently and with real aggression and at times he was hard to stop.


Marko Joskt

Played one of the best games I’ve seen him play in a long while and got involved in the game. Marko took it to them grabbing rebounds and driving in the paint. Marko’s shot selection was good too Marko showed determination and drive and did not give up if he continues to play like this he will be a very tough player to stop!


Coach ratings

Head Coach Forbes and Fatch

Fatch and Everton managed the game well throughout they decided to put a press on early on left it on throughout the game. The two coaches noticed that WBA did not have any clue of how to beat this press so left it on. Fatch noticed that WBA were settling for long range shooting and did not do anything about this due to the percentage of this shot. Fortunately for the two guys shooting those shots were falling for them. At one point of the game the confidence was high and the starting five were all rested on the bench allowing the rest of the team to get valuable court time. The coaching staff made good use of time out and some clever tweaks to the teams play varying the offence and substitution.


Micro snip of the game

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