Birmingham Elite a Must Win Game?


I really want to beat Birmingham Elite next week for multiple reasons. Why you ask, well the game if basketball you have to have an element of each of these three words Arrogance, cockiness and Swagger. Did I say say in basketball? I do believe I did now if all of you who are reading this played basketball and played against me you may not recognise the person I become. I have one or all of the above descriptive words but outside of basketball I ensure I have time for everybody that invests time in me all of my bravado is left on court!

Unlike other players and coaches I’m not calling any names but I think this club has infectious tendency’s to overspill these attributes off court and have arrogance. This is throughout the club and I’ve heard things said about YOU! Us and our club! Don’t you think we must do something about it?

The ball is in your court boys…… see you Monday and bring a good attitude with you.

Let’s go Warriors

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