Turkey session


This was the first game back after his return when people told him to leave the game after his dad was murdered. Michael Jordan was nearing his 40’s and he was told he wasn’t going to be the player he once was. MJ didn’t listen to this and trained hard to continue his legacy, he adapted his game he wasn’t as aerial as he once was but fine tuning other aspects of his game made MJ’s name live on even now well into the 2018! I’m sure his name is called even now who would you have on your team type conversations.

On MJ’s return MJ finished with 19pts 6rbs And 6assists. Don’t train soft and let doubt take over train hard at all times thus will make you play hard. Don’t let that turkey take over! Don’t let jokes into the session! No more distractions just focus!

I was looking forward to seeing you guys but at times you wasn’t interested this hurts. I know fatch wrote the session for you at least reward us by your input too. We put the work in and we expect you to do the same too!

Enjoy the video are work work work

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