Apologies to all


Sorry to all today who travelled to Stoke-on-Trent. I made some bad decisions and struggled with time outs and substitutions today. I always say that we are very blessed to have TCAT coaches can see the scoreboard and can make substitutions and timeouts at the right time.

We knew we were up against it we were up against a tall and strong team. Thankfully we were able to let them know they were in a game and didn’t roll over. Today was tough as not only did I have to be a tactician but also a motivator. Lots to manage and after every timeout we were the second team on the floor.

Some of our guys struggled today to beat the opposition and also battled themselves but overall the responsibility is mine. Sometimes you just gotta own it.

Let’s mark this a bad day and dust ourselves off and start again. Like today’s video says we didn’t loose, we learned something.

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