Match Report away to the Coventry Tornadoes


First of all a very big thank you to the boys today an a very big win, not only bid we play with heart but we had to play with brains too. We were up against a very tall and tough team that not only had height but a team that were big in stature too.

Our boys from the warmup began to draw confidence when looking at the opposition warming up to see the the two bigs we not fundamentally sound. Just before the tip off whistle had blown the boys received their final instructions from the coach and went on court the battle.

The tip was won by the Tornados but the ball was secured by the Warriors. The game started very quickly and the ball went coast to coast but but teams barely put points on the scoreboard. It was clear to see that the Tornadoes were very drilled as a team and had a play that could be seen as effective if it is played correctly. The two bigs went on to masterfully set screens both sides of the defender guarding the ball to receive it back as soon as the they roll towards the basket. This should have worked way better but it was identified and the Warriors adapted well to beat it.

The Tornadoes made numerous substitutions throughout the game which at times weakened a very raw team. During the game the Refs made the game very interesting calling touch fouls and blocks that were CLEAN as fouls. T’jarn as a result of this found himself in early foul trouble that would affect his game and the ability to make a difference.

As the game went on the home crowd had grown in confidence realising that their support was beginning to give the home team encouragement. This did not stop the astounds Warriors as they did not fold under pressure and loosing the lead that they held from the tip off. The travelling Warriors parents and supporters were not going to let the home crews win this battle and became very vocal and at times out cheering the Tornadoes. At one point when captain for the day Oliver Richards was at the line one parent began to heckle in order to put him off his shot. This worked for that shot as there was no heckling until the game got really close. This was not tolerated by a traveling teacher who in their sternest teacher voice aimed a bellowing “why don’t you just SHUT UP” this statement on its own spurred the young Warriors to attack’s the game once more!

We drove the ball hard and took it to Tornadoes who in the 4th quarter adapted their game changed the offence and put a full court press on that bought them back into the game. The game should have been won from the line but it just wasn’t to be. A rebound and stick back from Ollie levelled score with 10secs to go after Toby missed free throw to take the game to OT.

The boys walked off the court feeling dejected. As the two teams went back onto the court it was felt that the Warriors looks more confident as they have been in a OT game before and knew what they had to do to pull through.

Again the Tornadoes took the lead and the Warriors appeared to be stunned. A clever time out stole the momentum from the home team and a few clever tweaks changed the game and the young Warriors took the information shared and stuck to task. A unfortunate turn over and a quick outlet pass saw the Warriors attack the basket for the last 2 points.

The Tornadoes coach argued and quibbled over 4 seconds a compromise of 2 seconds which still wasn’t enough time to score and win by one. A very strong controlled game seeing some amazing individual performances saw the Warriors win the game 83-84 thank you to all the boys but the Man of The Man performance had to go to Josh Inpong who had a very strong game and showed no fear and the death stare he game to the biggest kid in the gym topped it off.

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